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    "Please note that we believe the aforementioned product listing [Utz Gluten-Free product listing] is accurate, but we can not completely guarantee it at all times. It is possible that some of our suppliers may change the source of some of the raw materials they use to manufacture our various seasonings and flavorings without notifying us, as long as it does not alter the required ingredient statement, nutrition content, flavor profile, and shelf life.

    "As a consequence, we periodically contact all our ingredient suppliers to update our file for the purpose of determining if such generic food groups as flavorings, spices, certain colorings and even incidental additives (normally used as processing aids) may contain allergenic components and which may not be reflected in our current ingredient statement.

    "An additional complication to this matter is the potential fact that the manufacturing facilities of our ingredient suppliers may use common manufacturing lines to produce different formulations for accounts other than our own. Obviously, these production lines are thoroughly cleaned between changeovers, but there is always the potential for trace contamination."

    "Though we believe the information provided here is accurate, we can not assume responsibility for any undesirable consequences. We encourage you to use this information in consultation with your physician or nutrition specialist."



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