Gluten-Free Results

  1. Hormel Foods

    21 brands, 392 products

    "We are providing the following list of products as a general guideline for those presently produced and distributed in the United States with formulas that do not have gluten containing ingredients in the form of wheat, rye, oats, and barley.

    "Although our products are labeled in compliance with government regulations, it is always necessary to read the labels on the products to determine if the food product meets your required needs.

    "Parents and individuals with food allergies and/or food intolerances are responsible for reading the label of all products they intend to use regardless of how the product is represented on this site."



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  2. Hormel Foods brands:

    Chi-Chi's (Grocery) - 24 products
    Di Lusso - 59 products
    Dinty Moore - 4 products
    El Torito - 2 products
    Embasa - 9 products
    Farmer John - 0 products
    Herb-Ox - 3 products
    Herdez - 3 products
    Hormel - 106 products
    House of Tsang - 4 products
    Jennie-O - 88 products
    La Victoria - 26 products
    Lloyd's - 9 products
    Manny's - 0 products
    Norwestern - 2 products
    Not-So-Sloppy-Joe - 1 product
    Peloponnese - 17 products
    Skippy - 11 products
    SPAM - 11 products
    Stagg - 8 products
    Valley Fresh - 5 products

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