Gluten-Free Results

  1. Hain Celestial Group

    11 brands, 227 products

    "We take every measure possible to ensure that our gluten-free products meet our rigorous Quality Assurance Protocol, including an Allergen Program which evaluates the presence of gluten. We aim for our gluten-free products to contain less than 10 parts per million of the gluten protein from sources including wheat, rye and barley which is well below the international standards of 20 parts per million.

    "We monitor every step, from ingredient sourcing and handling through manufacturing and packaging to ensure that these finished products are gluten-free.

    "All of the manufacturing facilities that produce our products have verified Allergen and Sanitation Programs that are audited annually by our Quality Assurance Department. We validate the allergen cleaning procedures in our plants with analytical testing, including gluten protein, using industry-approved methods."



    Phone: 1-800-434-4246
    Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm MT
  2. Hain Celestial Group brands:

    Arrowhead Mills - 34 products
    Celestial Seasonings - 76 products
    Chocolate Dream - 5 products
    DeBoles - 14 products
    Garden of Eatin' - 0 products
    Gluten Free Cafe - 13 products
    Hain - 1 product
    Imagine - 29 products
    MaraNatha - 27 products
    Rice Dream - 18 products
    Soy Dream - 10 products

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