Gluten-Free Results

  1. Coca-Cola Company

    22 brands, 119 products

    "We are able to confirm that, in the U.S., the following products are gluten free [list of products available at Coca-Cola website: search "Gluten" in Virtual Agent help box].

    "We can tell you that all of our other products meet the Codex definition of gluten free. Codex is in the process of reviewing this standard and we are monitoring the progress closely."

    Source (search "Gluten" in Virtual Agent help box)


    Phone: 1-800-GET-COKE (438-2653)
  2. Coca-Cola Company brands:

    Aquarius Spring! - 0 products
    Barq's - 4 products
    Caribou Coffee - 0 products
    Coca-Cola - 7 products
    Dasani - 2 products
    Diet Coke - 5 products
    Enviga - 0 products
    Fanta - 3 products
    Fresca - 3 products
    FUZE - 0 products
    Glaceau - 17 products
    Gold Peak - 1 product
    Minute Maid - 21 products
    NOS - 6 products
    Odwalla - 24 products
    Powerade - 13 products
    Simply Apple - 1 product
    Simply Grapefruit - 1 product
    Simply Lemonade - 2 products
    Simply Limeade - 1 product
    Simply Orange - 6 products
    Sprite - 2 products

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