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    "Do you test for gluten?

    "Yes! First, we test all ingredients for gluten and prohibit any ingredient containing gluten from entering our bakery. We are a dedicated gluten free bakery, so the best way to ensure that gluten is not in our products is to make sure it does not enter our building.

    "Second, we test our finished products, both in-house and via an independent 3rd part lab. Our standard is ZERO gluten. The best testing available today can detect gluten down to 5ppm (parts per million). The results of our tests are 'undetectable', meaning, at least below 5ppm. This is the strictest standard available."

    "All of our products are free of the following allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Casein, all Nuts, and Soy. Our production facility is also free of these allergens. Please note, we do use Eggs."


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