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    "Every product currently made in this facility located in Winston-Salem, NC is gluten free. None of the ingredients we purchase for use in this facility are sources of gluten. While we do not currently test for the presence of gluten, we rely upon our suppliers' assurances, which we have in writing, that the ingredients which we purchase from them are indeed gluten free. Testing every ingredient is extremely expensive and there is some controversy about the effectiveness of the tests."

    "Cross Contamination is prevented in any food processing facility through the use of strict Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols. In our sauces we use white distilled vinegar manufactured by a fermentation process carried out by microorganisms slowly optimized through a natural selection process of corn. In our salsas we use apple vinegar.

    "The products listed below are made in our Winston-Salem facility:

    - Texas Pete Hot Sauces (Original, Hotter and Garlic)
    - Texas Pete Seafood Sauce
    - Texas Pete Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauces (Mild, Extra Mild, Hot, Retail - 17.5 oz., and Restaurant Blend)
    - Texas Pete Honey Mustard Sauce (Best By Nov, 2006 and later)

    "The products listed in this second list below are gluten free and are made in other facilities using strict Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols to prevent Cross Contamination:

    - Texas Pete Hot Dog Chili
    - Texas Pete Green Pepper Sauce
    - Texas Pete Chipotle Hot Sauce

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