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  1. Lindt

    no listed gluten-free products Lindt & Sprungli

    "Gluten can be found in several premium chocolate products that Lindt & Sprüngli produces; either as a cereal ingredient or as a barley component.

    "Additionally, there are some specific premium chocolate products that are manufactured without cereal or barley malt; however, and even though Lindt & Sprüngli incorporates the most stringent cleaning process of all of our manufacturing lines, trace amounts of these gluten ingredients and components may have the opportunity to come in contact with non gluten products, and therefore we cannot make the statement that any of our premium chocolate products are purely "gluten free."

    "We are sensitive to the fact that there are consumers who are unable to enjoy our chocolate at this time, and we hope that in the future we will be able to accommodate the needs of all our consumers, and offer options to those with varying dietary requirements."



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