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    "Our allergy-friendly mission means Ian's gives you:

    - "A variety of great tasting meal solutions made with minimal food allergens, clearly identified on the front of package...

    - "Easy to read icons and 'NO' on the front of our packages, so you can see at a glance which allergens are not in our food.

    - "Products tested at an independent lab to verify our strict allergen standards.

    - "Clear labeling that uses product names you can understand'.


    Phone: 1-800-54-FOODS (1-800-543-6637)
  2. Ian's

    "Wafflewich" Breakfast Sandwich - 2 varieties Allergen-Free Alphatots Potato Fries
    Allergen-Free Space Nuggets
    Allergen-Free Sweet Potato Fries
    Gluten-Free Animal Cookies
    Gluten-Free Cookie Buttons - 2 varieties Gluten-Free Panko Breadcrumbs - 2 varieties Gluten-Free Recipe Chicken Nuggets
    Gluten-Free Recipe Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal
    Gluten-Free Recipe Chicken Patties
    Gluten-Free Recipe Chicken Tenders
    Gluten-Free Recipe Fish Sticks
    Gluten-Free Recipe French Bread Pizza - 2 varieties Gluten-Free Recipe French Toast Sticks
    Gluten-Free Recipe Mac & No Cheese
    Gluten-Free Recipe Onion Rings
    Gluten-Free Recipe Popcorn Turkey Corn Dogs
    Gluten-Free Recipe Chocolate Covered Wafer Bites

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