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    "While we do not operate a gluten free dedicated processing facility, we strictly follow detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) to make certain that the manufacturing environment is free from any gluten. In our five-year history of offering gluten free pasta in the United States and Europe, we have never had an incident or product recall on a gluten free product.

    "Following are a few of the guidelines we follow to prevent cross-contamination:

    - "We require a certificate on all of the ingredients used for gluten free production, verifying their origins and offering assurance of no cross-contamination.

    - "We maintain tight controls over the raw materials, mixing the corn and rice flour at our facility and loading them into dedicated containers.

    - "Prior to gluten free production, equipment and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to verify absence of contamination. We follow the proposed rule in the Federal Register (72 FR 7295) that tests for gluten at the 20-parts-per-million (ppm) level.

    - "We stop manufacturing for 30 minutes prior to gluten free production to guarantee the absence of any airborne residuals from the production line.

    - "After production, the gluten level is tested and verified to ensure that it does not exceed 20 ppm.

    "We maintain many other processes and procedures, in keeping with good manufacturing practices. Therefore, you can be confident that Heartland Gluten Free Pasta is safe for you and your family."



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