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    Note: ConAgra maintains two separate lists for those with gluten intolerance: "validated gluten-free" and "should not contain gluten" (products that do not contain gluten ingredients but not yet validated). We have included both types in our database.

    "We have reviewed our entire pantry of foods and have divided our foods into three groups: gluten-free, should not contain gluten but has not yet been validated as gluten-free, and contains gluten."

    "Our foods labeled as 'gluten-free' undergo rigorous ingredient and preparation review, along with testing to validate that claim. We start by reviewing the label and our recipe to determine which ones should not contain gluten, and then talk to our ingredient suppliers. Next, we review our preparation and cleaning steps. Finally, we test the food to make sure it contains less than 20 ppm (parts per million) gluten."

    "Based upon scientific information, FDA draft guidelines and the World Health Organization Codex Alimentarius both consider a level of less than 20 ppm (parts per million) to be gluten-free. Our foods must meet this standard before carrying a gluten-free claim."

    "Our validated gluten-free foods include:

    Brand Category Items
    ACT II Microwave popcorn All varieties
    Orville Redenbacher's Ready-to-pop popcorn in jars All sizes
    Orville Redenbacher's Microwave popcorn All varieties except Two-Step Cheddar and White Cheddar
    Orville Redenbacher's Ready-to-eat popcorn All varieties
    Poppycock Ready-to-eat popcorn Original, Apple Crisp, Pecan Delight, Chocolate Lovers and Cashew
    Crunch 'n Munch Ready-to-eat popcorn Caramel and Buttery Toffee
    Fiddle Faddle Ready-to-eat popcorn Caramel and Butter Toffee
    Jiffy Pop Pre-seasoned ready-to-pop popcorn All varieties
    Egg Beaters Pasteurized egg products All varieties
    Hebrew National Frankfurters and deli meats All items except Franks in a Blanket
    Hunt's Tomatoes All fresh-pack items, such as whole, diced, etc.
    Peter Pan Peanut butter All items
    Reddi-wip Whipped toppings All varieties
    Swiss Miss Cocoa mix All varieties
    Swiss Miss and Snack Pack Pudding All varieties except those containing tapioca

    "What are the foods that shouldn't contain gluten, but haven't yet been validated as gluten-free?

    "Once we review the label, our recipe and the ingredient specifications to confirm that no gluten was added to a food, it falls into the “should not contain gluten” group. Foods that do not contain gluten but have not been validated as “gluten-free” may still be appropriate for those people with gluten sensitivities, but these products have not completed this rigorous review. Many of these foods are undergoing the final stages of our gluten-free validation, so continue to check our website for updates as more foods are added to the gluten-free list.

    "'Should not contain gluten' foods include:

    • Hunt's tomato paste and tomato sauces (except pasta sauces)
    • Hunt's ketchup
    • Wesson oils
    • DAVID sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
    • PAM cooking spray: All varieties except PAM Baking
    • Parkay, Blue Bonnet, Fleischmann's and Move Over Butter spreads
    • RO*TEL tomatoes (except sauces)"



    Phone: 1-877-CONAGRA (266-2472)

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