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  1. Glutino

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    "Our stringent quality control processes go beyond industry standards and each of our products must pass an extensive internal testing process. Once samples are collected, they are sent to an external lab for independent testing. Our gluten-free products are not distributed until we verify acceptable levels of gluten at less than 20ppm (parts per million) through these tests."


    Phone: 1-201-421-3970
  2. Glutino

    Bagel Chips - 3 varieties Baked Potato Crisps - 3 varieties Original Breadcrumbs
    Breakfast Bars - 4 varieties Cereal - 5 varieties Cookies - 3 varieties Crackers - 7 varieties Original English Muffins
    Pasta - 4 varieties Frozen Entree - 2 varieties Bagels - 2 varieties Organic Bars - 3 varieties Pizza - 3 varieties Pizza Crusts
    Bread - 3 varieties Pretzel Chips
    Sesame Pretzel Rings
    Pretzel Sticks
    Pretzel Twists
    Pretzels - 2 varieties Toaster Pastry - 2 varieties Tortilla Dippers
    Wafers - 3 varieties Genius Bread - 4 varieties Gluten Free Pantry All Purpose Flour
    Gluten Free Pantry Pancake Instant Baking Mix
    Gluten Free Pantry Mix - 10 varieties

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