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    Note: A pdf list of all General Mills gluten-free products is available at Live Better America is a website operated by General Mills.

    "Please check the package label for the gluten-free statement on the front/side/back of the package. Only products that can be verified to be gluten free will be declared as gluten free on the label.

    "As always, our product formulas and ingredients may change, therefore the ingredient label on the package is always the best and most accurate information about our products. Please check the product ingredient list each time you purchase our products."



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    Plain Yogurt
    Yogurt Smoothie - 2 varieties Delights Parfait Yogurt - 7 varieties Greek Yogurt - 11 varieties Kids Yogurt - 3 varieties Light Yogurt - 26 varieties Light Thick & Creamy Yogurt - 9 varieties Light with Fiber Yogurt - 4 varieties Original Yogurt - 24 varieties Simplait Yogurt - 4 varieties Splitz Yogurt - 4 varieties Thick & Creamy Yogurt - 6 varieties Whips! Yogurt Mousse - 10 varieties Yoplus Blackberry Pomegranate Yogurt with Probiotics

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