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    "All Enjoy Life products are gluten-free and casein-free, so they’re suitable for a GF/CF diet.

    "Enjoy Life wants to help everyone delight in safe, tasty treats, which is why we’re proud that our baking facility has been certified as gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. We make our cookies, cereals, snack bars and more under strict regulations and perform routine rapid tests to ensure that our products are free from gluten."


    Phone: 1-888-50-ENJOY (1-888-503-6569)
  2. Enjoy Life

    Chewy Bars - 4 varieties Crunchy Cookies - 4 varieties Dark Chocolate Morsels
    Granola - 3 varieties Semi-Sweet Chocolate - 2 varieties Soft Baked Bars - 4 varieties Soft Baked Cookies - 4 varieties Boom Choco Boom Bar - 3 varieties Not Nuts! Seed & Fruit Trail Mix - 2 varieties Perky's Cereal - 3 varieties Plentils Crunchy Lentil Chips - 4 varieties

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