Three Olives

Vanilla Vodka

Produced by Proximo Spirits


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From website FAQ:

"Three Olives Vodka is nut free, lactose free, and vegan, and has been processed to remove gluten. Only natural ingredients are used in our flavors, with the exception of watermelon, which contains a small amount of artificial flavoring."

Additional information provided by email:

"Three Olives has been processed to remove gluten. This does include the flavored varieties. We believe that the distillation process has completely removed any pre-existing presence of gluten.

"However, please note that in accordance with FDA and TTB regulations, there is no validated method for confirming the removal of gluten in alcoholic products. Therefore, please note the following Qualifying Statement: 'This product was distilled from grains containing gluten, which removed some or all of the gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.'"



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