No Opportunity Wasted

Raspberry, Peanut & Almond Trail Bar

Produced by SBI Brands


last checked Jan 12, 2014

"No Opportunity Wasted Energy Bars are gluten-free, containing whole grain gluten-free rolled oats that have been completely isolated and segregated in their harvesting to ensure that they are free from any cross contamination. Going one step further, our company then utilizes independent lab testing to verify that each production batch of No Opportunity Wasted Energy Bars exceeds standards set forth for determining 'Gluten-Free' status."

"All No Opportunity Wasted Products are manufactured in a facility approved and certified by the stringent testing of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO):
- Ingredients review, down to the original supplier
- Onsite inspections by experienced, trained independent (third party) Field Inspection Agents
- Product and ingredient testing using scientifically AOAC approved testing methods
- GFCO certification mark located on product packages for easy identification"

"Starting with product production and ingredient sourcing, we only use dedicated, single source ingredient suppliers who do all parts of production - from growing, to harvesting, milling and packaging. This provides the least possible risk of contamination of allergens. Each ingredient supplier must provide written documentation on product specification and analysis, processing conditions and certifications.

"Additional certification is then required from a 3rd party that all the ingredients have been tested by an independent lab to confirm they are allergy-free and gluten-free. After production, our finished products are then tested for gluten and allergens after every batch produced. All testing is through the well-respected Brunswick Labs."



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