Woodchuck, Farmhouse Select

Original '91 Hard Cider

Produced by Green Mountain Beverage


last checked Sep 16, 2013

"We take Celiac Disease seriously, and since Woodchuck has always, and only, been made from apples (not wheat, barley or rye) none of our cider varieties have ever contained gluten. Further, we have all our ciders tested by an independent lab and we maintain a completely gluten free facility."

"Green Mountain Beverage has received numerous inquiries asking if Woodchuck Hard Ciders contain gluten. Due to these requests Green Mountain Beverage had each of the Woodchuck Hard Cider styles tested by ABC Research Corp., Gainesville, FL.

"We have received the analytical results confirming that all Woodchuck Hard Cider styles are naturally gluten free!"



Phone: 1-802-388-0700
Online: www.woodchuck.com/about-us/contact-us.html


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