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last checked Jun 13, 2013

Muir Glen gluten-free products contain "Gluten Free" label on package.

"We will always declare gluten containing ingredients if they are added to the product. If the ingredient declaration lists wheat, oats, barley, rye, or derivatives of these grains, then the product contains gluten. Examples of derivative ingredients include: malt, barley malt, organic malt, semolina, Durham, triticale, and spelt. We do not include gluten containing ingredients in the 'Natural Flavors' or 'Spices' on the product ingredient list. If there are gluten ingredients in our products, those ingredients are always clearly listed.

"If there are no gluten-containing ingredients listed in the product ingredient label, but the product does not make a gluten free claim, it is because we cannot fully assure that this product is gluten free. While we have not added gluten-containing ingredients, factors such as sourcing, conditions of manufacture, etc. do not allow us to provide the full level of assurance that a gluten free claim requires.

"We constantly strive to improve our products' quality and nutritional value, therefore the most up-to-date product information is on the package the product is purchased in. For that reason, we do not distribute product information lists as they could quickly become outdated."

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