Natural Sea Salt

Produced by Morton Salt, Inc.


last checked Feb 20, 2013

"The following products do not contain gluten in the form of wheat, barley, rye, oats or triticale:

- Canning & Pickling Salt
- Coarse Kosher Salt
- Evaporated Granulated Salt
- French Fry Salt
- Garlic Season-All Seasoned Salt
- Iodized Salt & Pepper Shakers
- Iodized Table Salt
- All-Purpose Iodized Sea Salt
- All-Purpose Natural Sea Salt
- Extra Coarse Sea Salt Grinder
- Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Grinder
- Black Pepper Grinder
- Extra Coarse Sea Salt Grinder Refill
- Lite Salt Mixture
- Nature's Seasons Seasoning Blend
- Nature's Seasons Seasoning Blend 25% Less Sodium
- Pepper Season-All Seasoned Salt
- Plain Table Salt
- Popcorn Salt
- Salt & Pepper Miniatures
- Salt Balance
- Salt Substitute
- Sausage & Meat Loaf Seasoning
- Sea Salt (Fine and Coarse)
- Season-All Seasoned Salt
- Season-All Seasoned Salt 25% Less Sodium
- Seasoned Salt Substitute
- Smoke Flavored Sugar Cure
- Spicy Season-All Seasoned Salt
- Sugar Cure (Plain)
- Tender Quick"


Phone: 1-800-789-SALT (1-800-789-7258)

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