Bone Suckin'

Hot Seasoning & Rub

Produced by Ford's Gourmet Foods


last checked Jan 17, 2013

"Our products are Gluten Free! We are a proud sponsor of the International Celiac Symposium through the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York. Here at Ford's Gourmet Foods we strive to have all natural clean products.

"Here [see Bone Suckin' website] is a list of our products that our Gluten Free: They have all been tested by a third party testing lab and show less than 5 ppm each.

"The new labels of our products that are Gluten Free bear the words Gluten Free on the top right of the label on the 4 oz., 5 oz., 6.2 oz, 16 oz. and on the back of Gallons and 1/2 Gallons of our products that are Gluten Free."



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