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last checked Jan 15, 2013

"All spices and herbs are inherently gluten free. Most of the spices we sell are 'single spices', in other words, one spice or herb in one container. These spices may not contain an ingredient list on the label because they are simply 100% spice.

"Items that are blends of spices (such as Italian seasoning or poultry seasoning), may have an ingredient list that simply states 'spices'. This tells you the ingredients are all spices or herbs – nothing else. So, again, these are gluten free.

"Some blends do contain gluten, either in the form of flour or from flavorings derived from wheat, rye or barley. These will be noted on the label as containing gluten. (Note: some older containers of seasonings may not have this stated.)

"Because we produce both gluten free and non gluten free seasonings, we are extremely careful about clean out procedures that take place between running these different products. Our clean out procedures are strictly enforced to minimize any contamination between products packed on the same line. We do not currently certify our seasonings as gluten free by an outside agency."

List of Spice Islands gluten-free products available from manufacturer on request.



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