White Cheddar Rice Cakes

Produced by Quaker Oats Company


last checked Jan 15, 2014

"All Quaker Large Rice Cakes are gluten free. Look for our gluten free labeling on the front of the bag."

"While many varieties Popped rice snacks have no gluten containing grains as ingredients, we do not test these products and cannot claim they are gluten free.

"While Puffed Rice does not contain gluten ingredients, it is made on the same production line as Puffed Wheat. There is a statement on the Puffed Rice box 'May contain traces of wheat.'

"The oats we buy are handled and transported in bulk by our suppliers. Cross contact can occur if the oats are grown in fields or transported in vehicles that once contained other grains. Since the kernels of the other grains are similar in size, shape and color to the oat kernel, it is almost impossible to separate them.

"Although wheat, rye and barley are not part of the ingredients in Quaker Steel Cut, Quaker Old Fashioned, Quaker Quick Oats, Corn Bran Crunch, Grits and Cornmeal there is the possibility that they could contain trace amounts of these grains. For these reasons, we've never claimed these products are gluten free."



Phone: 1-800-FOR-OATS (1-800-367-6287)
Hours: 7:30am - 5pm CT
Online: cu.pepsico.com/quaker


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