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last checked Jan 12, 2013

"Arrowhead Mills has carefully developed a vast array of gluten free ingredients products that come right from our kitchens to yours to help make living a gluten free lifestyle easy and enjoyable.

"The Gluten Free Symbol - Our Guarantee of Gluten Free Foods:

"Since gluten is an inherent part of certain grains, rather than an ingredient, many products on your grocers' shelves contain gluten but don't list it on the product label. This makes choosing gluten free foods and ingredients tricky and confusing! That's why we clearly display the gluten free symbol on all Arrowhead Mills products that qualify -- our personal guarantee that these foods and ingredients are truly gluten free.

"And since we know how important dietary concerns can be, we go the extra mile to make sure you can completely trust the integrity of our products. For example, we run rigorous tests to be sure that nothing we call gluten free contains any gluten, and we carefully monitor our production facilities to be sure that there is no possibility of cross contamination.

"In short, we prioritize the purity of your food, so that if the gluten free products you're eating come from Arrowhead Mills, you can rest easy knowing they're completely safe -- and entirely in line with your dietary needs."



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