Mild Chunky Salsa

Produced by Campbell Soup Company


last checked Jan 13, 2013

Important: Campbell's products listed on GF Overflow apply to United States only

"We analyze every gluten-free product to ensure compliance with our strict standards throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, we also test finished products at least once every six months to ensure continued compliance with our gluten-free policy. We continue to review our new products, and will update our list accordingly."

"Some of our recipes require food starches, and others do not. However, some potentially gluten-free products may still share processes and equipment with gluten-containing ingredients and products. Because consumer safety is our primary concern, we only promote products as gluten-free when we can guarantee compliance with our standards in this area."

"Because we are constantly improving our products, please check the ingredient statement on the label of every product. We will make every effort to keep this list up-to-date.

"Due to the potential mixing of grains during harvest, storage, transportation, etc., Campbell has decided to treat oats similar to gluten containing grains.

"The following list contains products in which every ingredient in each product was verified as being gluten-free. As a further safeguard, we analyze each and every gluten-free product to ensure compliance with our strict gluten-free standards. We are also continuing our review of new products for their gluten-free status and will update our list accordingly."



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