Our Gluten Policy

How we determine if a product is gluten-free

All of our gluten-free product information comes directly from manufacturers. We don't make any independent determinations of a product's contents or ingredients — instead we rely on the manufacturer policy and statements on whether gluten is present in a product.

You can be assured that any product listed on the site as "gluten-free" was either verified directly by the manufacturer, or was found to meet the manufacturer's stated gluten policy.

In order to provide you the ability to verify these ratings for yourself, we include the manufacturer's gluten policy, website links, and contact information whenever possible. We also display the last date on which the product was verified to be gluten-free.


last checked Nov 19, 2019
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Look for the company or brand gluten policy and "last checked" date

In some cases a manufacturer will not provide a list of gluten-free products, but will instead refer to the gluten-labeling policy to which it adheres. In these situations GF Overflow may examine the ingredient label and state whether the product appears to meet the stated guidelines for gluten-free based on the manufacturer's gluten-labeling policy. We then indicate in the brand or manufacturer policy section that the determination was made from the ingredient list.

A word of caution regarding accuracy

While we try to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, please keep in mind that manufacturer policies and formulations can change at any time, and that information listed on the site could be out-of-date or contain unintentional errors.

Remember to always read product labels and check with manufacturers and suppliers directly if you have any concerns.

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